CWA-Piedmont Tentative Agreement (September 2018)

By clicking on links below you can review the Articles in our CWA-Piedmont Tentative Agreement. 

To review the current contract, click here.
Articles without a link have not changed from our current contract. Articles linked and in bold are new as of September 2018. The other linked Articles are unchanged from our January 2018 TA.

Wage Scales and an explanation of how to read them are downloadable PDF iconhere.
Article 1: Recognition (no change)
Article 2: Successorship (no change)
Article 7: Probation (no change)
Article 16: Alcohol and Drug Testing (no change)
Article 18: Safety and Health (no change)
Article 21: No Strike, No Lockout (no change)
Article 23: Union Security and Maintenance of Membership (no change)
Article 25: Political Action Fund (no change)
Article 26: Non-Discrimination (no change)