CWA-Piedmont Bargaining Update, November 2016

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Your CWA bargaining team met in Harrisburg, PA, on November 9th to review the bargaining surveys and work on bargaining proposals. On November 10th we met with the company’s bargaining team for a meet-and-greet and our first bargaining session. During the session, we presented two proposals to the company.

The first proposal was on changes to Article 7 PROBATION. After a lengthy discussion and a counter proposal from the company, both the union and the company agreed to withdraw our proposals without prejudice. The second proposal was on Article 6 HOURS OF SERVICE. After some discussion, the company requested more time before responding to the proposal. We also discussed new hire orientation and other topics, although no proposals were passed on those issues.

The company did not present any proposals, but indicated they will have several proposals to present next time we meet. We have tentatively scheduled two more rounds of bargaining on February 14-16 and March 7-9.

We will attempt to set some additional meetings prior to those as schedules permit. The union’s bargaining team will schedule time to meet in the next few weeks to allow us to finish the remainder of our proposals.

In unity,

Marge Krueger, Chair
Paul C. Castaneda, Co-Chair
Keith Richardson, President, Local 13345
Donielle Prophete, Vice President, Local 3645
Rick Brower, President, Local 7040